It's a tiny dog world! 

We know we’re not alone when we say that our pets are family. We help you live your best lives and make the most of your time to together by making it easy to find stylish dog clothing, gear and toys that fit.  We follow one simple rule: only offer products tested & approved by our own dogs and families! 

When you shop with us you're supporting a woman and minority owned small business and life-enhancing dog programs. We support animal fostering & rescues and the animal lover community locally as well as globally online through our social media relationships. 
We hope you love your shopping experience, and that you reach out to us when you need help finding the perfect size or outfit for your pet. Welcome to the fam!
Jenn and her dog baby Jameson, the dog that inspired us all!

Inspired by her dog baby Jameson, Jenn set out to solve a problem she faced daily: finding products that fit his small but mighty personality. Knowing others may face the same problem, she decided to bring her dream to life. Jenn created DOG BABY™ to help families find the perfect functional and stylish products for their little pups.

Jenn's journey began with a 20-year corporate career working for top U.S. consumer brands like Sephora, Apple and Nordstrom. She learned firsthand how premier retailers do business and knows what it takes to make customers happy. As the worldwide pandemic is changing how we live and shop, Jenn knew she wanted to offer a thoughtful and one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

You can often find Jenn and Jameson testing a cool toy or trying out a new jacket in the wild. Finding stylish products is easy, but finding the best for small dogs is a whole new level of excellence.
Our Mission at DOG BABY™
At DOG BABY™ we make it our mission to help dog families find the best products for small dogs and puppies. DOG BABY™ selectively sources from proven suppliers and tests each product to the highest quality standards. Rest assured, our own family and dog babies approve every product we offer.
We stand for Style, Quality and Transparency at DOG BABY™
We stand for Style, Quality and Transparency at DOG BABY™
We give back at DOG BABY™
We believe every dog deserves a loving home and want to help their journey to finding one by supporting pet rescue and wellness programs. Every month we donate a portion of sales to a featured dog organization.
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